Draft accurate legal documents easily and in less time

LexisSmart Precedents guides you swiftly through the document creation process to help you generate first drafts more quickly—and with confidence. By cutting down the amount of time spent manually drafting it helps you work more efficiently, freeing up your time to do more high-value legal work.

Get more done in less time

Quickly create tailored first drafts of documents ready for you to finalise. You can even generate suites of documents from a single questionnaire, confident they will dovetail together.

Gain peace of mind

Reduce the risk of drafting errors that can easily arise when re-using old documents to create new ones. Ensure your documents reflect the most recent changes in the law.

Draft with more confidence

Because the questionnaires in LexisSmart Precedents include guidance and links to additional explanatory content in Lexis+ Practical Guidance, you can ensure less experienced staff can draft with confidence, accuracy and consistency.

“I like the methodical way it takes you through what you need to include. It takes out the human error element. You don’t have to worry that you’ve missed anything out, or copied and pasted anything incorrectly.”

Ruth Grinter, Private Client team
Gould and Swayne

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Integrates with Lexis+

Quickly check points of law when drafting through Practical Guidance and Legal Research

Practical Guidance

Speed up all aspects of your legal work with tools and guidance that help you deliver faster and add more value.

Fully integrated with Legal Research on Lexis+ UK, see the Guidance and the underlying law it supports all in one place.

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